Dirt bikes are fun to ride but there really dangerous to ride. there is 5 different kinds of them Honda Yamaha Kawasaki Suzuki and husqvarna. people ride all of them but i like the honda.  There are all different sizes there is a 50cc ,85, 110,125, 250.350,450 i got a  85. there is a lot a dirt bike races and there all over. You have to where protective gear when u ride. boots keep it from the pegs from going in your leg when u crash chest protector keeps the dirt from hitting you in the chest. Helment is for keeping your head safe when you crash hard. Google for keeping dirt or dust out of your eyes when your ridding. Gloves for keeping your hands from getting blisters. Dirt bikes are really fun to ride!

photo by gogo visual

photo by gogo visual




The food i like the best is pizza. Pepperonie pizza is the best pizza workers consume over 251,770.000 of pepperonie a year. 93 percent of  americans have eaten pizza in the last month. Each person in America if 46 slices of pizza a year over 5 billion pizza are sold word wide. 62 percent of people prefer  meat toppings 38 percent prefers vegetable toppings. There are 12,583 pizza huts in 90 countries. People say saturday nights are most popular to eat pizza. Dominos pizza is the words leader in delivery. pizza accounts for more than 10 percent for all food service sales.Dominos delivery drivers will log about 4 million miles on super bowl sunday.


speak up

Every one should speak up about bullying because it is a big issue in the world. Some reasons people bully because they are having problems at home, or just doing it for the power or to seem cool. They wanna be cool so they do it but most people who bully are just wanting other people to fell there pain inside or just to get attention.

I think people need to stand up for them self and fight back. Most of all the bullies need to grow up and take care of there problems with out hurting other people. And i think teachers help he bullies because non of them get in trouble all the say is stop it dont do that its not helping the kids that get bulled at all. I think the kids could do some more to some bullies dont have friends so maybe some kids could try to be there friends and tell them that bullying is not cool.